GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Nearly 300 million packages that were supposed to be delivered ended up getting stolen last year nationwide, and now, the Green Bay Police Department is issuing reminders to ensure you and only you get your package.

Local 5’s Bryce Oselen caught up with Green Bay Police Department’s Jennifer Gonzalez to talk about how online shoppers should beware of the devastating porch pirates.

“There is a common saying called ‘lock it, hide it, keep it,’ and if you are having packages delivered to your house or place of residence, we often suggest that people track their packages so you know when they are coming,” said Gonzalez.

Additionally, Gonzalez preaches that if you receive a package that does not belong to you, return it to the sender.

“If a package gets delivered to your house and you find out it’s not yours, do the right thing and try to either get it back to the delivery service or the post office or try to get it delivered to the right address,” added Gonzalez.

If you believe that one of your Christmas deliveries has been stolen, contact the service you used for delivery and the local authorities.