NEENAH, Wis. (WFRV) – Neenah Police Chief Aaron Olson and Community Policing Coordinator Joe Benoit joined Local 5 and talked about multiple topics ranging from new cameras to an expansion at the department.

Olson explained what Benoit does with the department, most of it focusing on the community. Benoit was described as the face of the department and the bridge between patrol and the community.

New cameras that can help identify people involved in crimes were installed throughout the city. Olson says these cameras are mainly around the perimeter of the Neenah, and are not just license plate readers. The cameras are in cities from Milwaukee to Green Bay.

The department also has a $5.5 million expansion which will be a new training center. Olson said there will be a firearm range, training rooms, conference rooms and more. This will allow the department to do training in Neenah instead of traveling out of the area.

Olson also provided some more information ont he case invovling puppies that were left out. He says everyone invovled is getting interviewed and they will hold the person responsible. Charges could be a possibility.