(WFRV) – With Netflix hiking its prices and beginning to test new fee structures that may help crack down on password sharing, a new study shows that Wisconsinites may be among the top viewers most impacted by these changes.

A study, conducted by Time2play, revealed that Wisconsin is ranked fourth in the country with the most people using someone else’s account to watch Netflix.

According to the data, 55 percent of Netflix users in Wisconsin admitted to using someone’s Netflix password.

Wisconsin followed on the heels of Massachusetts, Illinois, and Ohio. These states all had nearly 60 percent of their Netflix users sharing passwords, which is a violation of Netflix’s policy.

In contrast, the states with the least amount of streaming swindlers are Kansas, Tennessee, and Utah. Utah is leading this pack with only 23 percent of its residents using someone else’s account.

A breakdown of the states and their percentage of people using someone else’s account is available below.

Graphic courtesy of Time2play

In addition to these findings, the study also discovered that 79 percent of Netflix viewers using someone else’s password said they still wouldn’t get their own account if Netflix were to ban subscription sharing. 

And Netflix isn’t just running the risk of losing these non-paying viewers forever but may also say goodbye to their paying viewers as well.

According to the study, the average paid subscriber said they would cancel their subscription if plan pricing reaches $24.66 per month. Currently, Netflix plans cost between $9.99 for a basic plan and up to $19.99 for a premium plan.

At this time it isn’t yet clear if Netflix will be tracking down accounts that are shared with users that aren’t in the same household. However, earlier this month Netflix announced it will be testing new features that allow members to add users to an account – with one including a small fee for the subscriber. For more on that story, click here.