MANITOWOC, Wis. (WFRV) – There’s a new way to break the ice and travel the St. Mary’s River in the UP.

On Saturday, Burger Boat Company hosted a christening ceremony in Manitowoc to celebrate the completion of its newest commercial vessel: NEEBISH ISLANDER III.

Organizers explained that this new vessel is a vehicle and passenger ferry built to operate in the harsh winter environment and through the solid ice conditions it will encounter on its route.

The 92-foot U.S.-made steel ferry will operate year-round on the St. Marys River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula between Barbeau and Neebish Island.

“It’s an actual honor. It keeps our guys busy building the high-quality boats that we’ve been doing here since 1863,” shared Burger Boat Company Sales Marketing Vice President, Ron Cleveringa. “They love bringing their friends and family in to see what they have done, it’s actually an honor for all of those guys.”

The NEEBISH ISLANDER III joins another ferry that is already operating on the same route.

For more information on this ferry and more, visit the Burger Boat Company website.