NEW HOLSTEIN, Wis. (WFRV) – The New Holstein Common Council struck down the proposal to abolish the police department and instead contract police services with the Calumet County Sheriff’s Office in a 5-3 vote.

This decision has gripped the community for the last ten months with many against the proposal.

Mayor Jeff Hebl said he has concerns about the future of the department.

He said, “Shortly after we started talks ten months ago the Chief of Police resigned took a job with the Sherriff’s Department a few months after that another officer left to take to take a job elsewhere and then several months ago the Captain resigned to go elsewhere as well.”

The Mayor told Local Five they attempted to rebuild the police department after this but were unable to find qualified candidates and this could cause a lapse in police coverage.

“We reached out to the Sherriff’s Department for a short term contract where they would assist in supervision and filling the empty shifts we also talked to them about the possibility of a plan b which would be long term services,” said Hebl. “And they said they could only provide supervision and officers until June 1st when their season begins to get busy.”

Those that spoke at the meeting were overwhelmingly in support of keeping the New Holstein Police Department.

Rebecca Abrams said, “We have elected you to represent us. We want our voice heard and to be represented on this police issue.  Mr. Konkle, Mr Mayer, you’re my aldermen in ward five, the citizens in ward five have spoken through the survey and they overwhelming support keeping our police department.”

Rob Baldwin, a citizen and New Holstein Police Officer said, “We want to stay here. We want to serve you. And as a possibility we still could be with the Sherriff’s Department but you know what the citizens want and that’s what we want to provide.”

The New Holstein Common Council will be working on an updated police contract moving forward.