WEDNESDAY 3/4/2020 10:58 a.m.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The public has spoken – a pair of penguin chicks at the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park will now be named Gilbert and Linus.

The NEW Zoo invited the community to ‘cast a vote’ for their favorite set of names for the two brothers, who were born in November 2019. To cast a vote, participants were asked to donate $1 to the penguin conservation will represent one vote for a set of names.

The name ‘Gilbert’ was selected in honor of the Zoo’s veterinarian, Dr. Tracey Gilbert. The older, calmer chick will be named Gilbert, according to the Zoo. The more active and feisty chick will be Linus.

All donations made during the naming contest will directly support the conservation efforts of African penguins in the wild, according to the Zoo.

Original Story: NEW Zoo offers community chance to vote on names for penguin chicks

WEDNESDAY 1/22/2020 10:05 a.m.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The NEW Zoo & Adventure Park is offering the community the chance to name two new penguin chicks.

The two brothers were born on November 12 and 17 last year. The Zoo says they are doing well and are currently molting into their first ‘swimming feathers.’

“Zookeepers have already noticed their distinct personalities developing: Chick #1 is a calmer bird, who seems to adjust to new experiences quickly, while Chick #2 is a little less inclined to hang out with people, and not afraid to use his beak to explore (that is, bite!) the world around him!” the Zoo said in a release.

Now that the chicks are almost ready to swim with the big birds, the Zoo has decided it’s time to name them!

Zookeepers say they have narrowed down the choices to three sets of names:

  • Clark & Eddie (from the movie A Christmas Vacation)
  • Gilbert & Linus (in honor of the Zoo’s veterinarian, Dr. Gilbert)
  • Raul & Marco (inspired by penguins in books & movies)

The Zoo is hosting a naming contest which will raise money for African penguin conservation as the species is endangered in the wild. All of the Zoo’s penguins are members of the African Penguin Species Survival Program.

The Zoo says each dollar donated to the penguin conservation will represent one vote for a set of names.

To make your donation, vote for your favorite set of names, and help the Zoo support penguin conservation, visit the NEW Zoo’s website. Votes can also be cast by donating to conservation at the Zoo’s Visitor Center building.

Voting will remain open until February 10, with winners announced February 12.