No decision yet made on Wrightstown manure digester

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Two weeks ago the town of Wrightstown held a public meeting to discuss the possibility of a shared manure digester facility coming to the area.

BC Organics is in the process of acquiring a permit to begin construction, but final decisions on moving the project forward won’t happen until the town has been able to review all details of the facility.

The public hearing two weeks ago gave Wrightstown residents the chance to voice their concerns with moving a manure digester into town, but officials say it will save farmers money, create jobs and generate money all the while.

Before possible construction can begin BC Organics has to acquire 12 permits, five of those are from the Wisconsin DNR.

Concerns from Wrightstown folks included a potential increase in traffic, health and safety issues and some even worry about the value of their property decreasing.

The town took all questions into consideration and are currently comparing their notes to the DNR’s report on the $60 million project, but no final decision was made Wednesday night.

“The DNR report will be reviewed and then we will review and discuss it, talk about it, talk about the conditions,” says Wrightstown town chairman Bill Verbeten. “If there’s any little changes that have to be made, we’ll make the changes and then at that time with that conditional use developed, then we will either recommend it to the town board or we will deny it.”

The town’s planning commission will be making the decision on whether to make the recommendation to the town board next Monday.

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