GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The Green Bay Police Department announced on Tuesday that it is working with the East Shore Drive Neighborhood Association to remind the public of waterfowl regulations as the hunting season draws closer.

In a release, Police say that waterfowl season, which includes several different species, will run from September 1, 2023, through January 2, 2024, with hunting hours starting 30 minutes before sunrise and ending at sunset.

According to authorities, hunters can legally pursue migratory birds in the waters of Green Bay beginning at the edge including the waters in front of Bay Beach Park, the warehouse/marina shoreline, the west shore including Ken Euers Nature Trail, and the east shore to the northeast of Mahon Creek.

Officials say, as per Brown County Ordinance 31.02(3), hunters should remain 100 feet, or approximately five car lengths, from the established “bulkhead line” in the residential areas east of Bay Beach Park, and West of Mahon Creek.

In regards to trespassing, Green Bay Police say that hunters, who have a duck blind that starts out in the water and is brought to shore as the water levels change, have the right to retrieve their blind without breaking the trespassing law.

Police also say that if a bird falls onto private property, the hunter must ask the property owner for permission before retrieving the bird. Authorities note that the bird does not belong to the land owner, if permission is not given to the hunter, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) should be called to retrieve it.

Those looking to hunt during the waterfowl season should consult the DNR for current regulations.

Violations of waterfowl regulations should be reported to the following authorities:

  • Water: Brown County Sheriff’s Office
  • Land: Green Bay Police Department
  • Hunting: The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources