NEW HOLSTEIN, Wis. (WFRV) – “No Mow May” is an opportunity to help the planet by doing one less chore.

Israel Del Toro, a key organizer in the movement and a Lawrence University Assistant Professor of Biology explains, “People were asked to not mow their grass for the month of May to provide food for pollinators. There’s quite a big variety of pollinators out there. Anything from birds and bats to other insects like butterflies and moths but bees are kinda the poster child.”

The movement was started in the United Kingdom and it eventually made its way to the US. Appleton was the first city in the country to adopt the policy and now it’s spreading to New Holstein.

Becca Mosier, the Alderperson to bring the movement to New Holstein said, “We have weed ordinances. People after to mow their lawns, keep them at a certain height. We had to vote to lift that ordinance.”

Mosier says it’s not an all-or-nothing commitment.

“I’m going to do native flowers on the side of this yard and my other side yard I’m going to do more native flowers there and the back yard,” said Mosier. “So I’m going to leave the front for my husband to keep mowing and have it look his way for the curb appeal. But yes, you definitely can have things more wild and have habitat and leave things a little bit longer in the rest of the yard.”

And while New Holstein is a city of about 3,000 the size does not matter because bugs are constantly on the move.

“Even if you’re in Green Bay and De Pere, which is participating, or New Holstein or Stevens Point,” said Del Toro. “We’re all part of the greater ecosystem and that needs to be in balance for us to coexist in a balanced way with nature.”

And if you want to keep mowing your lawn but want to help you can always add more native plants to your flower beds to feed the pollinators.