SHAWANO, Wis. (WFRV) – After two Shawano School Board members resigned ahead of a fall recall election, questions popped up about whether the board members had actually waited too long before resigning to stop the recall election from happening.

Chuck Dallas and Michael Sleeper announced their resignations earlier this week. Community members had collected over 1800 signatures to put both men on the ballot for a recall election.

Local 5 News reached out to district officials to check in on the status of that recall election, which would cost taxpayer money.

District officials confirmed that after consulting their legal counsel, they determined they won’t have to hold the special election.

The district official told Local 5 News that “at the time of their resignations, certificates of sufficiency had not yet been transmitted to the school board and the school board had not yet called for a recall election. The petitioner requested that the recall petitions be withdrawn, and that further recall election process be discontinued. In consultation with legal counsel and elections officials, the district has accepted the recall petitioner’s request. The board clerk has not issued certification and therefore the board is not yet required to call the election.”

Shawano School Distinct parent Bobbi Lemerond was one of the leaders of the recall effort and had to agree to withdraw the petition to stop the recall election from happening.

“I would like to thank everyone involved who helped and supported the recall process,” said Lemerond. “I am grateful for the resignations from the two recalled board members and that we will not need to cause unnecessary expense to the school district or the tax paying community through the recall election process.”

She said she’s hopeful for the district’s future and said working together as a community is the key to rebuilding the district.