NORTH FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WFRV) – The North Fond du Lac School District has imposed a 15-day masking requirement inside of their school buildings due to the rising amount of coronavirus cases happening inside their school district.

Aaron Sadoff, the Superintendent of the North Fond du Lac School District said, “We are trying to keep all of our kids in school and safe.”

The mandate will last for 15 days and be re-evaluated on October 6th according to the district’s COVID-19 dashboard.

“We instituted that we have mandatory masking when they’re in school buildings during the day,” said Sadoff. “Classrooms and hallways and we let the families know about that and there’s some families and some students that don’t agree with it.”

The superintendent said their goal is to keep as many kids and staff in school as possible.

“The reason we went to masking is we identified five, at least five, of in school spread that we, my health team said they got covid because we believe they got it from somebody who had it in school,” said Sadoff.

Local Five heard from some members of the North Fond du Lac community who are against the new 15-day mask mandate but they were not available for an on-camera interview, but one mother picking up her child from the elementary school said she was fine with the new rule.

Missy Koplin said, “I don’t mind the masking policy personally, I want to protect my kids, I want to protect other people’s kids. I want to stay in school.”

The North Fond du Lac Police Chief spoke to Local Five on the phone regarding the mandate.

Chief Darren K. Pautsch, of the North Fond du Lac Police Department, said, “It’s not something the police are mandating. It’s not something enforceable by law enforcement. We’re getting involved if people refuse to cooperate with school officials. We’re just trying to maintain the peace and maintain the order at the school.”

The Chief also said a parent was issued a disorderly conduct citation because they were being loud and intimidating to school officials trying to enforce the rule and later police officers who were handling the issue.