Northeast Wisconsin Agencies Receive Grants to Combat Drug Trafficking

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Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul joined area law enforcement officials Tuesday morning to announce that several local agencies will be awarded grant money to help combat drug trafficking.

One Million Dollars was available and distributed across 48 counties.

Kaul said the money will be used to help those law enforcement agencies in several ways.

“It includes undercover vehicles, it includes money that’s going to purchase surveillance equipment, it includes money that’s going to be used for undercover drug buys, and it includes money that’s going to help provide safety equipment for law enforcement,” he said.

All of that will help agencies focus on the bigger picture.

“It is going to help law enforcement do the kinds of intensive long term investigations that don’t just result in a single arrest but that can help take out a drug conspiracy, that can help lead to the prosecution of a drug trafficking network,” Kaul said.

Agencies awarded grant money include:

Barron County Sheriff’s Office – $25,000
Calumet County Sheriff’s Office – $25,794
Central Wisconsin Drug Task Force – $50,000
Columbia County Sheriff’s Office – $32,266
Dane County Narcotics Task Force – $50,000
Florence County Sheriff’s Office – $28,024
Glendale Police Department – $50,000
La Crosse Police Department – $50,000
Lake Winnebago Area Multijurisdictional Enforcement Group – $50,000
Manitowoc County Metro Drug Unit – $50,000
North Central Drug Enforcement Group – $26,000
Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office – $32,500
Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Police Department – $40,090
Richland-Iowa-Grant County Drug Task Force – $50,000
Rusk County Sheriff’s Office – $25,000
Sheboygan County Multijurisdictional Enforcement Group – $50,000
South East Area Drug Operations Group – $50,000
Sparta Police Department – $24,508
St. Croix Valley Drug Task Force – $50,000
Washington County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Group – $33,951
West Allis Police Department – $23,587
West Central Drug Task Force – $50,000
Wisconsin Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigation – $50,000

Of the One Million Dollars available, less than $85,000 is still available. Officials with the DOJ Communications Office say that remaining money will be distributed through a separate grant process.

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