GREEN BAY, Wis (WFRV) – Gas prices are dropping for many places in the United States and Wisconsin has been no stranger to it.

The average price for gas in the state is about $4.20, which is 30 cents cheaper than the national average. The state of Wisconsin also ranks 13th in the country for the cheapest gas prices.

For many people at the pump, it has been a long time coming. April Rothlesberger from Seymour says, “I like it dropping because I go every weekend to Sheboygan, and gas prices were really high for me at that time.”

While gas prices are lower than they have been recently, many hope that it decreases even further.

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Shari Schabo from Black Creek says, “It would be nice if they would keep steadily dropping because sometimes, they’ll drop, but then they’ll start going back up again, so hopefully the trend is to keep going down.”

Gas prices in Green Bay range from $3.76-$4.29.