CRIVITZ, Wis. (WFRV) — Gun deer season begins Saturday, November 21.

Friday afternoon at Uncle Mike’s Corner Pub and Grill in Crivitz, Alexis and Mark Wunrow were looking forward to a weekend of bonding in the woods.

“There’s less stress of like every day life, that it’s more of like, okay, we can focus on being together and then we can enjoy that extra peace of being in the woods together,” Alexis told Local 5.

It’s a tradition for the father-daughter team.

“Been coming up here since I was 12,” Mark said, “so I’ve been coming up here probably 35 years, and she’s been coming up here about 14.”

Those traditions often involve more than just heading out to the woods.

“Pretty much every entire table is full, every stool is full, and usually 2, 3 people behind,” Tracey Sachs, Owner of Woody’s Bar & Grill said of a typical hunting season night at the bar.

Crowded bars have become a controversial topic as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

“It’s a little different up here, people are a little less cautious,” Tracey said.

Tracey explained that doesn’t mean the area has made it this far unscathed.

“Covid did hit us up here in the Northwoods about a month and a half ago. So we had a lot of places that were closed,” she said.

Now the doors are back open to welcome in hunters.

“We do really, truly depend on any business we get to survive,” Tracey said.

Woody’s is offering food to go, and Tracey says she’s anticipating a very busy weekend.

“I see a lot of traffic coming up, and a lot of people definitely enjoying their time outside,” she said.

In a year that has been anything but normal, Up North Wisconsin, they’ve decided to make a return.

“Like that sense of normalcy that I think we all look for that we haven’t been able to get this year just with the circumstances around everything,” Alexis said.

Mark added, “I’ll be somewhat normal. Hoping to be. Hope we can see some deer.”

Gun Deer season will run through Sunday, November 29.