GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A man from Green Bay is facing charges after allegedly making comments about shooting the Sophie Beaumont building over his children’s perceived treatment at a foster home.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by Local 5, 53-year-old Richard Schreiber is accused of making terrorist threats to the Sophie Beaumont building in downtown Green Bay. On July 25 around 2 p.m., deputies with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office were sent to 111 North Jefferson Street for a reported disturbance.

There reportedly was a man in the building who was making threats and talking about mass shootings. The man, identified as Schreiber, left the building before authorities arrived.

An employee for Brown County Child Protective Services told authorities that Schreiber has had previous contact with Child Protective Services. It all reportedly stemmed from a domestic incident that happened in 2021 where three children were removed from Schreiber and his partner’s home.

Schreiber was reportedly deemed unfit to take care of his children at the time and the three children were placed in a foster home. During this time, he was upset and called Child Protection Services and Human Services multiple times voicing his frustration. He allegedly used vulgar language and was upset with staff.

He reportedly had previous incidents at the Sophie Beaumont building, including one on June 27. Schreiber went into the building and was ‘disruptive’ and ‘disorderly’, but ended up leaving.

On July 25, Schreiber called and spoke with an employee for about an hour and a half. He allegedly said something similar to “I’m not threatening you but I woke up and you see on the news every day about all these mass shootings. It only takes one time for someone to cross that line and I’m not threatening but I would be the next one who would be responsible for a mass shooting in the state I am in. I know I would come down there but not one single person would be left. All would be done.”

The comments concerned staff as he had never said anything like that previously.

Around 1:40 p.m. he entered the Sophie Beaumont building and demanded to see a supervisor. It was mentioned that he was pacing back and forth and appeared ‘extremely’ agitated. He left the building before authorities arrived.

Authorities ended up contacting Schreiber and he said that his kids were getting beat at a foster home and wanted documentation of the paperwork of the investigation. He said that he ‘didn’t go overboard’ and didn’t threaten anyone or shoot anything up.

Eventually, he reportedly admitted to deputies about saying a comment about mass shootings but did not clarify his exact comment.

Schreiber is charged with the following:

  • Terrorist Threats – Public Panic or Fear, Repeater
    • Felony
    • Up to three and a half years in prison (Can be increased by two years due to repeater)
  • Disorderly Conduct, Repeater
    • Misdemeanor
    • Up to 90 days in prison (Can be increased by two years due to repeater)
  • Bail Jumping, Repeater
    • Felony
    • Up to six years in prison (Can be increased by two years due to repeater)
  • Bail Jumping, Repeater
    • Felony
    • Up to six years in prison (Can be increased by two years due to repeater)

Court records show that Schreiber was scheduled to have his initial appearance in court on July 26. No additional information was available.