The quick action by three officials saved a life and have earned them the Department of Justice Top Cop recognition. 

On February 5th, the Oconto Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call about a man with a gun shot wound. They quickly sent out multiple officers and EMT’s near the intersection of State Highway 32 and 22. 

Officer Jamie Kuhn, Lt.Mike Mason and DNR Conservation Warden Paul Hatrick were the first at the scene where they immediately started performing life saving efforts and stabilizing the man. 

Oconto Falls Ambulance Services arrived a short time later to help in the effort and the Eagle III helicopter also arrived on scene and was able to land on the highway itself. The man was soon transported to a local hospital. 

“Law enforcement officers are often the first people that arrive at the scene of a life and death situation. The officers who responded to this situation acted quickly, and through their team work and training were able to save a life,” said Attorney General Brad Schimel. “I commend Officer Jamie Kuhn, Lt. Mason, and Conservation Warden Hartrick for their quick actions and teamwork.”

The man’s life was saved, thanks to the outstanding efforts of all involved.