OCONTO, Wis. (WFRV) – Many are calling the actions of an Oconto Limo owner and driver nothing short of heroic.

He managed to drive through a drive-by shooting between two cars in Milwaukee over the weekend without any injuries to himself or his passengers.

In an interview Monday with Local 5 News, Mitch Landvick says he was just doing his job. Landvick owns Lou’s Limos LLC with Dawn Dionne.

It was late Saturday night as he took a packed bus home from a concert.

“All of a sudden, I heard a gunshot and told everyone to get down,” recalled Landvick. “I saw a car on right I saw a car passing us. A guy was hanging out the door. I believe that’s the guy shooting at the bus as soon as I heard the gunshots, I hit the gas. A couple of cars collided in front of me. I avoided that one—two or three more accidents. I was avoiding people or cars. I didn’t realize we were hit for a while.”

The damage to the limo means Lou’s had to cancel its events for the next couple of weeks. The owners are talking with the police and their insurance company.

Landvick had to duck tape the windows in order to safely make it back home after the incident. In addition to two broken windows, he said the engine doesn’t work right now which he said could be from having to accelerate so quickly while he was driving away from the shooting.

They hope to be rolling again soon but say they won’t be taking people to Milwaukee at night.

“It was like a movie, it was pretty weird, I was worried about the passengers,” said Landvick.

At the last report, Milwaukee Police had not announced any arrests.

Shawano resident Brea Borchert was one of the passengers on the bus that night.

“A friend of mine could see through the front window, and said gun, gun, there’s a gun,” she said. “So we got as low as we could.”

While she was laying on the floor of the bus, she said she cut herself on the shattered glass. She said it was so loud all around that she and others didn’t really hear the windows when the bullet shattered them.

The bullet actually ripped through the seat that she had been sitting in moments before laying on the ground with the other passengers.

“We were all terrified we couldn’t believe it when we saw that it got hit, we just wanted to get out of there,” Borchert said. “It felt so slow motion and so long.”

Borchert said that she didn’t get back to her home until 5 a.m. and that the ride home after the incident was mostly quiet as everybody tried to process what had just happened. She said the incident may cause her to reevaluate whether to attend another concert she was planning to go to in the fall.

“Never did we think that us and the people who were there with us would get in the middle of a street shooting,” said Borchert. “We kept saying we were really lucky, but we didn’t feel really lucky.”