Officials Talk Speed Limits on Leo Frigo Bridge After Accidents

Local News

A crash on the Leo Frigo Bridge was reportedly due to the sun glare and cars traveling too close together, causing a 30 car pile up.

But this isn’t the first major accident that has happened on the bridge and some are wondering if preventative steps could be taken.

One suggestion has been to change the speed limit on the bridge, which is the same as the rest of I-43, 70 miles per hour. 

However, it’s easier said than done because the speed limit is regulated by the federal government. 

“It would take some studies, I’m sure some public outcry and it would take legitimate valid reasons to change the speed limits,” says, Lt. Brad Strouf with the Green Bay Police Department. 

Strouf also said that it is up to the drivers to create a safer commute. 

“It falls on the responsibility of each individual operator to adjust their speed accordingly and drop it because the roadway is slippery or the visibility is altered or the traffic conditions are heavy enough or congested that they can’t drive 70 miles per hour.”

All the vehicles involved in the crash were released to the owners the same day. 

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