GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A brand new sculpture to celebrate the diverse, interconnected, and collaborative community of Green Bay was installed in the public plaza on Tuesday.

Oneida Nation artist and Turtle Clan member Mark Fischer installed the commissioned sculpture that included three bronze and copper aspen trees. The trees have branches that interlock, representing the connected community.

The sculpture took Fischer just over three months to complete. “When the foundation asked me what I would like to see as a community, I said aspens. All the roots are interconnected, just like we are as humans,” added Fischer.

The three trees represent the past, the present, and the future of Green Bay. “That’s one of the Great things about Green Bay, they come together. All cultures can walk together and make a difference,” cited Fischer.

Fischer also explained to Local 5 News that there is a designation board near the sculpture, explaining each symbol on the three aspen trees.

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“Some of them are petroglyphs and pictographs. I have a human symbol right here and the human symbol is the George Washington Agreement. That hangs in the Department of the Interior to this day. I thought this should be outside. Everybody should know what that symbol means, and that means we all work together,” said Fischer.

The sculpture can be seen outside the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation at 400 South Washington Street in the City of Green Bay.