GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — If you are still looking for tickets to Friday’s game against the Saints, you’re in luck. Many season ticket holders have decided to sell their tickets and at rock bottom prices.

“Historically, this is what happens with pre-season tickets,” said TicketKing manager Travis Loftus. In fact, he says he’s not surprised by the number of tickets that are available.

“The tickets are starting to fly off the shelves a little bit, but we have plenty of them,” added Loftus.

Fans Local 5 talked to on Thursday said the pre-season games just aren’t the same.

“The guys that are playing Friday won’t be on the team next day,” one fan told us. Another said, “You’re just showing the second or third string, what they can do, and if they can make the team or not.”

Some of those people trying to unload tickets are season ticket holders. If you’re OK with not seeing Number 12 on the field, you can end up scoring a touchdown of your own.

“With this being the only pre-season home game at Lambeau, we thought it would be a little bit better than what it normally is, but that’s not the case, unfortunately,” said Loftus. “But, if you want a cheap ticket, want to take your family to have something to do, this would be a great occasion,” he added.

The cheapest tickets we found on Thursday were for $11 with fees included. We are not the cheapest tickets in the NFL, however, for a pre-season game. You can go see the Houston Texans for $6, the Indianapolis Colts for just under $10, just over $12 for the Washington Commanders or around $23 for the Seattle Seahawks or Los Angeles Chargers.

No matter if you’re going to Friday’s game or not, it just means we are one step closer to the regular season.

“It’s almost like going to church when you come to Lambeau,” another fan told us. “I mean, sorry, but it’s a religion to some people.”

You can find the latest tickets and prices for the Packers on TicketKing’s website.