A town of Lawrence church that had to fight De Pere city hall to move to its new location –  is weeks away from opening its doors. Lots of work is underway, as members prepare to move in and celebrate their new home.

In an old Sportsman’s Warehouse in De Pere – a new beginning for Life Church.

“A lot of us are getting very little sleep,” said Pastor Sonny Hennessy of Life Church.  “Excitement, nerves, anticipation,”

Last fall after running out of room at their town of Lawrence location – Life Church bought this building within a retail district and convinced the De Pere City Council to change the zoning to allow them to move in.

Now crews have been busy – turning this space into the church’s new home. Where on any given Sunday up to 2,400 people will find room to attend.

“We’ve grown since we bought this building and we didn’t think we could grow much more in the other building,” said Hennessy.

The renovations are extensive with separate areas for kids – like a basketball court and tubular slides.

And space for the adults like an auditorium able to seat 800.

“We think we’ll bump even a couple hundred the first Sunday,” Hennessy said.

The reason for the move was a real need for more space. Expanding the old church would have cost $4 million. But to purchase and renovate the warehouse, just over $3 million.

“We might even be pushing 70,000 square feet when we’re done,” said Hennessy.

At NewStyle Salons, Rachael Willis says she can’t wait for her new neighbors to move in.

“We’re excited because we think it will bring a lot more traffic into the area,” said Willis. “To get more people in here every week is good for everybody I think.”

Various issues caused the church to miss a planned Easter opening. Now a ribbon-cutting ceremony is just three weeks away on Sunday, June 12.

A new beginning – a new life – for Life Church.