DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – Fire crews were called to the De Pere Foundry earlier on Thursday after reports of an explosion and fire.

According to Brett Jansen, the Battalion Chief for De Pere Fire Rescue, crews were called to the Foundry on South 6th Street around 3 p.m.

Upon arrival, crews noticed smoke and fire coming from the roof of the building, however, no signs of an explosion were found by fire crews.

Jansen says the fire at the roof began in the insulation and took about 20 minutes to be extinguished. He also noted that no fire or smoke was reported inside of the building, and that operations for the employer continued shortly after.

Employees were able to quickly control the fire with fire extinguishers prior to the fire department’s arrival.

Authorities say that the fire began from a reaction of molted metal bi-product and rainwater, “This reaction caused embers to ignite materials on the roof of the business.”

Employees were inside the building at the time of the fire but no injuries were reported to either employees or firefighters.

There was no danger to the public, authorities stated.