If you knock on the door of Diane and John Lowe’s Oshkosh home, Tylor the parakeet will let everyone know.

Diane says a couple of years ago, she noticed that Tylor started squawking every time someone walked near the house.

Tylor also says several other phrases, like “pretty bird,” “baby bird” and “come in,” but he was not always so social.

“He actually came to us through the Oshkosh Area Humane Society,” Diane said. “And we started out by fostering him. He was in pretty bad shape. He didn’t have any plumage,  zero personality, so he’s come a long ways.”

He now has so much personality, Diane decided to share his story with the Oshkosh Police Department as a part of their #9PMLockup effort.

Every night, the Oshkosh Police Department shares a 9PM Lockup post to remind citizens to lock their homes and cars. 

Officer Kate Mann shared Tylor’s “Watch Bird” story, and the post became popular online.

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