OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – Officers at the Oshkosh Police Department will now be able to hone their skills through virtual reality training.

According to a release, the department has recently acquired a new immersive virtual reality training simulator that allows an officer to be placed in real-life situations.

The simulator is called Apex Officer and provides scenarios ranging from traffic stops to disturbances and life-threatening encounters.

The department explains an instructor will be able to choose which type of call for service the officer is responding to, the environment, and the dialogue.


The department explains that this new simulator will help officers work on a variety of skills needed for the job, including de-escalation techniques, communication, active listening, decision-making, judgment, and problem-solving.

“The versatility of the Apex Officer simulator allows us to create in a safe virtual reality environment
situations officers face in real life. Through the use of the simulator we are able to provide more frequent but shorter duration training which results in better retention of the training content and more highly trained and competent officers,” said Sergeant of Professional Development Todd Wrage.

The release states that officers will be able to receive immediate feedback during and after the scenario, providing additional opportunities for officers to learn.

We want to provide our citizens with the best service possible and we are very excited about the training opportunities this new system provides.

Oshkosh Police Department

Members of the law enforcement agency explain the simulator was purchased with money generously donated by the JEK Foundation and the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation.