OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – The Oshkosh Police Department is warning residents of a recent phone scam in which the scammer posed as an attorney asking for bond money.

According to a release, a resident received a phone call from a woman stating that she was the attorney for the resident’s granddaughter. The caller was asking for a large sum of money in order to bond the relative out of jail.

Unfortunately, the resident met up with the scammer and lost ‘several thousands of dollars.’

Officers say that the scammer may still be operating in the Oshkosh area.

The incident is also very similar to an incident that happened a few days ago in the Town of Clayton, in which scammers reportedly told an elderly woman that her granddaughter was in custody after a vehicle crash in Texas.

The scammers in the incident in Clayton were initially trying to get $27,600 from the woman but later ‘negotiated’ the amount down to $10,000.

Officers say that the best way to handle a potential scam is to hang up the phone and make a phone call to either the relative that is potentially involved, the police department, or the institutions that the scammers are claiming to be involved with.

If you have any information relating to these scams, you are asked to contact your local police department.

No additional information was provided, and Local 5 will continue to update this story.