The Oshkosh Police Department held an event Saturday to help refugees in the area become familiar with law enforcement.

The department has held an event like this one in the past with refugees from different countries of origin. This latest event was held for Arabic-speaking refugees.

World Relief Fox Valley worked with the department to put on the event.

Officials say events like this help refugees feel comfortable around law enforcement.

Sabah Rawanduzy, a case worker for World Relief Fox Valley, says that making refugees feel safe in their new environment is an important part of his job.

“It’s very important for the refugee to know what’s different between their country’s culture and the new culture,” he said, “and build a good relationship between refugees and police.

Officer Kate Mann says that the event is also beneficial to the officers in attendance.

“For us to be able to meet with the refugees to hear their stories, maybe hear what their mindset is, and their experiences with law enforcement just makes it easier for us to communicate with them,” she said.