OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) has named one Wisconsin veteran its 2022 Disabled Veteran of the Year.

Army veteran Adam Alexander from the City of Oshkosh is the hero to receive this award that is presented to veterans who, despite their wounds, have had a substantial impact in serving their brothers and sisters-in-arms.

During Alexander’s time in the army, he was in charge of a remote firebase in Afghanistan and one day in 2011, bullets began to rain down on the station.

While he attempted to clear a mechanical jam of an automatic grenade launcher, a sniper bullet ripped through the center of Alexander’s forehead before exiting the right side of his helmet.

After surviving the sniper shot, Alexander joined fellow 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion member Mike Hert on the DAV. Both two serve as members of Chapter 17 in Oshkosh.

Together, the two veterans host “The Outpost”, a public access television program that debuted in June 2021 that raises awareness about DAV and gives a platform for local veterans.

The road to recovery for Alexander wasn’t easy and it took all of his strength. The bullet caused extensive damage to his right frontal lobe, which is responsible for initiation. He also lost his right eye.

Now as a 2022 Disabled Veteran of the Year, Alexander continues to provide an impact through television and over on YouTube.