GREENVILLE, Wis. (WFRV) – Sixteen-year-old Outagamie Co. resident Jayden Kish will serve as the honored hero at next Saturday’s Green Bay Take Steps walk.

The walk raises awareness and funds for the Wisconsin Chapter of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

Jayden was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at fourteen years old. As someone who was healthy before his diagnosis, Jayden was understandably scared.

He says, “I was feeling a little bit delusional because I was very sick, and I didn’t know what was wrong.”

Jayden’s mom Katie Bushmaker first started noticing Jayden’s symptoms at the beginning of 2020, which included stomach aches, lethargy, and “not growing like his peers were.”

Jayden would undergo multiple surgeries and hospital stays before he could finally begin his treatment process.

As a parent with a sick child, Bushmaker feels she has learned a lot from this experience, saying “The thing that I’ve learned the most is how strong my son actually is, emotionally and physically. To be given all of these things, this deck of cards that he did not want, he’s really risen to the challenge.”

Jayden hopes that by telling his story at the walk, he will inspire others going through similar circumstances.

He says, “I feel important because I’m going to help raise awareness and funds to find a cure for Crohn’s and Colitis.”

I, Katie Amrhein, will be emceeing next Saturday’s walk where I will also share my journey with Crohn’s. For more information on how you can participate in the walk or donate to the foundation, click here.