OUTAGAMIE, Wis. (WFRV) – The Outagamie County Parks Director has announced the closure of their North Dog Park to make way for the expansion of the local landfill.

The director says the closure impacts 30% of the total area in the dog park and the decision was something that had been coming for some time.

“Several years ago our Solid Waste and Recycling Department approached us with some news that they would be expanding their landfill operations. With that came the imminent need to close the northern half of the dog park to meet the 1,000-foot buffer the DNR requires,” says Loren Dieck, Outagamie County Parks Director.

The landfill is located near a stream, which is why the new buffer is needed.

The park itself is by French Road on Appleton’s northeast side.

The director says the north side of the park is scheduled to close on March 21, but they plan to keep the South Dog Park open for the time being.

“A year and a half ago we engaged in a dog park study given that we would have to relocate at some point. But while we knew it was going to happen, it happened faster than most of us anticipated it would,” says Dieck.

Eventually, the park will find a new location for a brand new dog park.

The first of its kind, park officials say the Outagamie dog park was the first dog park created in Northern Wisconsin.