APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Officials in Outagamie County say they are suspending outdoor siren tests throughout the county in an effort to reduce maintenance costs.

According to a release, the siren tests will be suspended starting on October 1, and, depending on weather, lasting into March of 2024.

County officials say that suspending the tests will reduce maintenance costs related to the expected seasonal snow and ice in the area.

With outdoor tests suspended, the county says silent tests are expected to continue throughout the winter. Sirens are reportedly only for outdoor warnings and are not intended to be heard indoors while silent tests are used to alert anyone inside homes and businesses throughout Outagamie County.

Officials are recommending that residents in the county get NOAA radios or a local weather app to get better access to severe weather alerts.

For information on NOAA weather radios or other preparedness information, residents are asked to contact the Outagamie Emergency Management Office.