Video and image credit: Wisconsin Humane Society.

WISCONSIN, (WFRV) – More than 30 dogs and puppies living in confined, unsanitary conditions in a breeding facility were recently given up and transferred to the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS).

According to the WHS Green Bay Campus’ Facebook page, the Humane Society of the United States sent the beagles to WHS a few weeks ago.

It explained that these four-legged friends were at a facility that bred the dogs for animal testing purposes.

The dogs most likely have not been socialized with humans due to the conditions at the facility.

Even with everything stacked against them, WHS explained some of the dogs have already found loving homes. Several puppies will also stay in foster homes with their moms for some time.

The humane society said other dogs are in need of medical treatment and extra socialization to help them gain more confidence in themselves.

If you want to donate to help care for the pups, click the link here. If you’re curious about who is up for adoption, click here. To check out who is up for foster care, click here.