A Green Bay alderman wants to allow overnight parking for people who may have had too much to drink. Kris Schuller reports it’s an idea that goes to City Council – a proposal aimed at deterring drunk driving.

In Green Bay parking is banned on city streets between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. But Alderman Brian Johnson thinks that rule should be changed, to keep the impaired from making the wrong choice of getting  behind the wheel.

“This is really targeted at eliminating a chronic problem from our streets,” said Johnson.

The alderman is looking to create a SafePark program in Green Bay, where those who feel they’re unable to drive can instead park their car on the street overnight without having to worry about getting a $35 parking ticket.

“Basically provide them a pass that can be placed on their dashboard, that gives them that safe parking option. It’s a signal to our city staff –  not to ticket them,” said Johnson.

Green Bay’s parking director says the ban was created to allow street sweeping and snow plowing to take place without issue. He calls it a quality of life policy aimed at keeping neighborhood orderly. But Chris Pirlot told us he’s open to change, and he’s ready for that discussion to begin.

“It all boils down to –  we just have to work through the details of any plan ,” said Pirlot. “This is all for the good of our citizens and visitors and if we can work with them I’m game,” said Pirlot.

“We put people into the unfortunate circumstance of having to make a choice.  And sometimes that choice is – do I risk getting a parking ticket or do I get behind the wheel and move my vehicle. And we’re trying to eliminate that choice,” said Johnson.

Alderman Johnson says he is working with the Brown County Tavern League to develop a plan and looks forward to further discussions with City Hall.

Johnson says similar programs are in place in the states of Texas, Colorado and Washington.