GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The party has already started in London for this weekend’s game against the New York Giants. On Thursday, the first of three official Packers pep rallies was held.

“It’s been very exciting,” said Haylee Helme, engagement manager for the Packers. “Just walking to dinner and we’re on the street and you get a ‘Go Pack, Go!’ but there’s a lot of excitement.”

Fans have been pouring in from here in the states and all across Europe to London.

“It’s just crazy how well-known the Packers brand is known internationally,” said Helme.

If you ask Stephen O’Brien, that could not be more true. He is co-founder of the UK Packers, a fan base across the pond.

“We’re one of the biggest organic fan clubs outside the United States, in fact,” said O’Brien.

It’s a moment fans like him have been waiting years for.

“Not a lot of people can afford, or have the time, to go over to Lambeau, so it’s been great to see London be invaded,” O’Brien told Local 5’s Barrett Tryon via Zoom.

The invasion of all those cheeseheads is also catching some people off guard.

“We got in a tweet from someone that said I just saw someone going around with a block of cheese on their head and said, ‘I don’t know what the hell is happening?!’ he joked. “I love the fact that London is being invaded by all of those weirdos wearing cheese and people not understanding what it is.”

Just as unpredictable, is London’s weather. Turns out, Wisconsin is already well prepared.

“The weather is perfect,” Helme said. “It’s low 60s, we’re wearing light jackets, our fans are wearing light jackets, it’s t-shirt weather for Wisconsinites.”

A weekend to remember for fans across the pond and back here at home.

There are three official rallies planned with “Packers Everywhere.” In addition, UK Packers are hosting two of its own rallies. To give you an idea of how much interest there was, both sold out in less than a day.