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Packers Fans On Matt LaFleur

Packers fans are giving their thoughts on the possibility of Matt LaFleur becoming the Packers’ new head coach. Local 5 headed to Lambeau Field Tuesday to talk to fans, and while everyone we spoke to admitted to not knowing much about LaFleur, most seemed optimistic about how he would do.

Mike Budzisz of Oshkosh said his first thoughts of hearing the news were,”Who? Who is he? I had no idea who he was… I got read up on the internet… They say he’s like Mike McCarthy when he came in here – young, offensive-minded. Offense is needed to win games.”

“I’m very excited,” said Tereza Tycz-Fuller of Milwaukee. “I heard good things about him. I don’t know totally all the statistics, but I have relatives from Tennessee who are very sad to see him go.”

“All I know so far is I saw a picture of him on Facebook yesterday, and I was like ‘who is this guy’?,” said Shelley Balcer of Superior, Wisconsin. “So I hope he’s a great coach for the Packers, and then next year we can go to the Super Bowl.”

“I don’t know enough about him, I guess I have to keep an open mind about it,” said Tom Tetzloff of Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. “I put a lot of faith in the staff. The people running the organization, I think they’ve done their homework, and there must be a reason they picked him.”

“He’s not really well-known, I guess I would say,” said James Loy, a Packers fan visiting from Arizona. “I’m… surprised they (didn’t make) a bigger move, but I guess we’ll see how it goes.”

Do fans think LaFleur will coach the team to success right away next season?”

“I think Aaron Rodgers’ll stand behind him, and really kind of bring out a little bit more in the new season,” Tetzloff said.

Balcer said she has “high expectations (for) next season.”

“It’ll probably be a rough beginning, but I think hopefully it’ll be a little better,” Loy said.

“And they better make it happen, because this town wants winners,” added Buzisz.

“I’m just looking ahead for 2019 season, so I’m hoping its a good thing,” Tereza Tycz-Fuller said. “We’re gonna bounce back, we’re gonna make the playoffs. Go Packers.”

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