Packers fans react after car ramapge at Lambeau

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Packers and Vikings fans didn’t let Friday’s dangerous car rampage keep them from enjoying tonight’s game at Lambeau field.

“I don’t know if more security needs to be in place or not but it was sad as to what happened,” says Packer fan Ashley Welch.

She and other fans said they heard about Friday’s rampage at Lambeau and were alarmed by what happened.

“Obviously if we’re here it didn’t deter us from coming to the game,” says Welch. “We’re not going to stop coming.”

And it didn’t stop the Pack’s rivals from coming out either.

Vikings fan Steven Anderson says, “It didn’t really affect me at all. Packers, Vikings, you can’t really miss it.”

No one was injured, but Friday’s scene is one fans hope they won’t see agian at Lambeau.

“It’s really unfortunate,” says Packers fan Jesse Nelson. “I hope everyone’s going to be okay, maybe there’s something they can do to prevent it in the future.”

Green Bay police chief Andrew Smith said Friday they would not be adding extra security for tonight’s game because it was an isolated incident.

“What I see now and what I’ve experienced I think security is fine,” says Packers fan Simon Nelsen.

Packers representatives say they will continue to evaluate what happened and move forward, business as usual.

“I think we’ll work with law-enforcement and our own security department and our own contractor groups to review protocols and review operations of the stadium,” says Packers public affairs director Aaron Popkey. “That’s something that we do on a regular basis.”

The suspect was arrested six minutes after the rampage began.

Police say they will not be sharing the suspect’s name or further information about him until after his court date Tuesday afternoon.

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