Packers’ Hall of Famer Ahman Green arrested on suspicion of child abuse

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Update: A criminal complaint says that Ahman Green hit his daughter in a dispute over dishes.

According to the criminal complaint, Ahman Green had repeatedly asked his daughter to do the dishes all day on Sunday, and she refused.

Green allegedly tried to drag his daughter to the kitchen, but she held onto an individual in the home who she told police is “like a nanny to her,” according to the complaint.

Green eventually wrangled her and dragged her to the kitchen, where he allegedly threw her to the ground and against the kitchen cabinets.

The daughter told police Green then forced her to pick up handfuls of silverware and put them away, hurting her in the process. 

She then told police Green punched her in the face.

When she finished doing the dishes, she packed a bag and snuck to a neighbor’s house to tell them what happened. She opened a window and left the bag on the roof of Green’s home. 

When police arrived, they found that Green’s daughter had a swollen eye with a black and blue bruise, along with small scratches. 

Police also discovered the ripped shirt in the bag that she packed and was apparently wearing during the incident with Green. 

When police spoke with Green, he admitted that he “popped” his daughter with an open palm, striking her on the head. He also told police he “may” have dragged her, thrown her to the ground and against the cabinets, and ripped her shirt in the process.

Police arrested him for physical abuse of a child. 

Green had his initial court appearance at the Brown County Courthouse on Monday.

During the appearance, public defender Lee Schuchart said, “Green has no problem with the no contact with the alleged victim in this case, and I would stress in this case that it’s an alleged victim.” Schuchart continued, “It is very strange to see a case like this charged at this degree, obviously this is a constitutional case of child rearing compared to, resulting in charges.”

Ahman Green was released on $2,500 signature bond.

His initial court appearance will continue on July 11th, and he cannot have any contact with the victim or any witnesses.


The Brown County Sheriff’s Office arrested Ahman Green for physical abuse of a child in a family-related incident.

Charges are referred to the Brown County District Attorney’s Office.


Packers Hall of Famer Ahman Green is in the Brown County jail today after being arrested early this morning.

Green was arrested around 1:00AM on suspicion of child abuse.

Few details on the case are released at this time, but Local Five has confirmed that Ahman is currently in jail.

He is the Packers all-time leading rusher, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014.

Green also co-hosts WFRV TV’s Locker Room and Green & Gold Gameday Live shows.

The former Packer player could appear in court Monday.

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