GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)- Will the Green Bay Packers poor play on the field impact the number of fans in and around Lambeau Field on Sundays the rest of the season?

“It’s been kind of unprecedented (seeing the Packers struggle this year) we’ve been used to seeing them winning for the last 15 to 20 years,” said Travis Loftus who is the manager at Ticket King near Lambeau Field.

Loftus said the losing streak has forced his company to drop the prices of their tickets to make sure they sell all of their seats.

“Last Friday to today I’ve already dropped the tickets to the Dallas Cowboys game by $50 and the last three home games are going to come down even more,” said Loftus.

He said that some tickets for the Packers Thursday night football game against the Tennessee Titans in 10 days could drop below 100 dollars.

“We’ve seen a lot of people sell their tickets to us the last two weeks as well,” said Loftus.

According to Nick Meisner with Discover Green Bay, each Packer home game pumps about $15 million into the local economy. He said because it’s still only halfway through the season it’s hard to tell if less fans are spending money in the Lambeau Field area.

“We continue to promote Green Bay and everyone knows that Lambeau Field is a bucket list place for NFL fans,” said Meisner.

Officials at Kroll’s West say Packers fans show up no matter what and that they don’t notice a reduction in business at their restaurant when the team isn’t playing well.

Kroll’s West officials say that on a Packers Sunday when the team is playing at Lambeau they make about 50 percent more than on a normal Sunday without a game.

At Stadium View, a manager there told Local Five News that this year they’ve seen a slight down tick in visitors since the Packers began to play poorly. They say that when the Packers aren’t playing well they see more fans from opposing teams and Packers fans from out of state.