(WFRV) – The stress of being a student has always been there but for kids like Brayden Schultz, a Manitowoc 8th grader, the pandemic has only made it worse.

Schultz said, “It’s also more stressful because I’m doing it independently without the teacher and the whole class doing it together, I would have to put a private comment to the teachers and i would have to wait even longer for them to respond than in normal school.”

Taking away the social aspect of school is really wearing on these students as well.

“It’s been harder to have social interaction because all the other people in my meetings have their cameras off and won’t like use thier voice to talk,” said Shultz.

One group that is often forgotten about when it comes to the pandemic is essential workers. People like Brenda Kauffman, who has worked as a store clerk since the beginning.

Kaufmann said, “We’ve just been keeping things going as best we can and i think we’re doing well at it.”

Brenda shared one message she hopes everyone will take forward with them as we push through this pandemic.

“Just respect. Cover your cough, do those things we should have been doing all along.”

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