COMBINED LOCKS, Wis. (WFRV) – Organizers at Paperfest say they raised more money than they ever have before at this event.

“Our goal is generally to donate $50,000 and we blew it out of the water,” describes Matt Boots who is the Marketing Manager for Paperfest.

Boots says Paperfest raised $83,500 this year which will get distributed among forty local organizations. The money goes to local churches, fire departments, and other organizations.

“They take that money and put it back into our community in a positive way,” Boots explains.

Organizations that send volunteers to help out at the festival get paid a proportion of the festival’s total proceeds based on the number of hours their volunteers put in. The Kimberly Fire Department is one of the 40 organizations that volunteered at the festival and will now receive money.

“Paperfest does a great job of bringing the community together, it’s a great safe, and free, event each year,” says Captain Kris Castillo of the Kimberly Fire Department.

Admission to the festival is free and the money that is raised comes from food and drink sales as well as tickets for rides. Sponsors cover the cost of the festival. Organizers then donate all the money they make from the festival to those local organizations that send volunteers to the event.

Castillo says the money will help his department purchase extrication equipment.

This year, organizers held Paperfest at Memorial Park in Combined Locks. Next year, it will be at Sunset Park in Kimberly.

“We’re happy to support those non-profits because they support us with volunteers and it’s a win-win,” says Boots.

Paperfest took place in July and this is the 33rd annual edition of the event.

The 34th annual Paperfest is scheduled for July 14-17, 2022 at Sunset Park in Kimberly, Wis.