GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — At DuBois Formalwear, Prom marks the beginning of their busy season.

“Prom is always like this big excitement thing where we’re so busy and there’s so much going on,” company President Wade Eggers told Local 5.

In 2020 that excitement was over before it could begin.

“Covid hit just at the wrong time for our business,” Eggers explained. “We went from zero to zero instead of zero to 90.”

Many schools, like Green Bay’s Preble High School, decided to continue that trend this year.

“I confirmed with the school that they weren’t going to be putting on a prom,” parent Dawn Frommung said, “and the principal of Preble does know that we’re moving forward with one.”

Frommung and a group of parents decided to plan a Junior Prom that wouldn’t be affiliated with the school.

“Those memories are so cherished,” Frommung said, “[And] they’ve missed out on too many. I wasn’t going to let them miss out on this.”

The alternative Junior Prom is set for April 3rd at Black Sheep Weddings & Events.

The event was organized entirely by parents.

“I’m like, we can do this,” Frommung said. “We can form committees, everybody can have their tasks, what they have to do, and it’s all coming together and I’m really excited for the kids.”

A Senior Ball is also being planned by a different group of parents.

“I know some schools combine combine their juniors and seniors together, Preble is separate,” Frommung explained.

They’re continuing that tradition, and many others.

“I’m doing it for all the kids that deserve a prom,” Frommung said. “I have a son that’s a junior, and I didn’t even start this because of him. He just told me this week that he’s thinking he might go.”

Masks will be required to enter the Junior Prom, and participating students and their parents will have to sign a waiver.