APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Employees at an Appleton Starbucks are unionizing due to unfair and poor treatment on behalf of the coffee chain.

According to The Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board (CMRJB) of Workers United, hourly workers at the Starbucks located at 631 W. Northland Avenue petitioned the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for a union representation election.

This is the fourth Starbucks to organize in Wisconsin and the first in the Fox Valley area.

The move to unionize reportedly follows months of these baristas’ feeling a lack of financial support from the multimillion-dollar corporation.

These sentiments were echoed in a letter delivered Friday morning to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz that read:

Over the past year, it has become apparent that the growth of the company is put above all else, even at the expense of those who are meant to grow with it. Within the past months this has become ever more apparent. With hours slashed and rising costs of living impacting us simultaneously, many partners have been struggling to stay afloat.”

Hourly workers at the Appleton Starbucks

These employees are set to join Starbucks’ workers in Oak Creek and Plover, who have also joined Starbucks Workers United, in the coming weeks to help in building a statewide campaign.

In a statement of support, Workers United International Vice President Kathy Hanshew added:

“Starbucks is a multimillion-dollar corporation that tries to pride itself on working in partnership with its employees, all while silencing the workers and denying them their right to union representation and a collective voice. Starbucks calls its employees ‘partners’, but it is abundantly clear that this so-called partnership is one of convenience for the company, that leaves many employee concerns unheard. It is time for Starbucks to do the right thing, acknowledge the voice of their “partners”, and allow their workers to unionize without interference.”