In Green Bay today the temperature was below zero with nasty wind chills all day long, however because it was the day after Christmas many people returned to work and had other errands to run.

For the Hanson family that included taking Grandma down to the bus station and helping her catch a bus back to Minneapolis after an enjoyable Christmas together.

“It was wonderful I was really glad that Grandma came to visit,” said Bailey Hanson. “It would be great if it was a little warmer, but it’s my Grandma so I’m going to come out to say good bye even if it was negative seven degrees.”

In addition to family heading home after the holidays, there were many people who went back to work and had to do so in the elements.

Local 5 saw postal carriers back on their route, the bus drivers at Green Bay Metro were working and we saw firefighters respond to calls.

So if you have to go out in the weather make sure to dress in layers, wear hats and gloves to cover the extremities that can develop frost bite in just thirty minutes if exposed and have a fully charged cell phone.