LUXEMBURG, Wis. (WFRV) – A person was arrested after being caught allegedly engaging in ‘inappropriate behavior,’ including being exposed in their vehicle near the Luxemburg-Casco Primary School.

According to a letter sent to parents and guardians from the Luxemburg-Casco School District, a caregiver who was picking up a student from the Primary School in Luxemburg-Casco noticed the person and informed school staff.

“I am writing to share some troubling news,” the letter from Dr. Jo-Ellen Fairbanks, District Administrator, begins.

Upon notification, school staff immediately responded by contacting the sheriff’s department and ensuring the vehicle was not on and would not enter school grounds. The police identified the individual in the vehicle and later made an arrest. We have been informed that the individual who was arrested is a caregiver of a student in our Primary School. That student is safe and with another family member. 

Dr. Jo-Ellen Fairbanks, District Administrator at Luxemburg-Casco School District

Officials say that no additional information is known at this time but that their “first and most important responsibility is to ensure the safety of our students.”

Parents and guardians are asked to reach out to the school district if they have any questions.