WISCONSIN (WFRV) – Phone scams are nothing new to Wisconsinites, but recently, they’ve been circulating throughout northeast Wisconsin at a greater rate.

According to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, residents are receiving phone calls from what looks like a legit, Brown County number that is demanding payment for traffic violations over the phone. Officials are urging those receiving these calls to never authorize any payment. The best thing to do is hang up and report the number to the Federal Trade Commission.

Another thing that residents can do is confirm the credibility of the caller by hanging up the phone and calling the Brown County Sheriff’s Office directly.

Another phone scam that is circulating through Manitowoc County is a caller asking for contributions to a fundraiser, put on by the Manitowoc Fire & Rescue Department. By donating, the resident will receive a free T-Shirt.

Fire officials say there is no ongoing fundraiser and these calls should be considered scams. Similar to Brown County, residents are urged to hang up the phone and report the phone number to the Federal Trade Commission.

Any text messages regarding the fake fundraiser should also be reported and deleted. Never click on a link you do not trust as hackers can steal vital information from you.

While these two scams are the main ones rolling through northeast Wisconsin, residents should stay vigilant for any calls regarding calls from the IRS, technical support, fake charities, lottery scams, family members in peril, bank fraud, insurance debt, website password requests, fake customer requests, and other urgent requests.

Scammers often play with human emotion and will go the extra mile to get your money, so always remember to hang up, report the number, and call for credibility.

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