PITTSFIELD, Wis. (WFRV) One local town is holding fair to raise money to support its parks and recreation, but this fair helps the town invest in its people as well.

The town of Pittsfield is holding its first fair to fund the expansion of its park system and raise money to help residents with special needs.

Keith Deneys is a Brown County supervisor who lives in Pittsfield and says, “we had hoped to possibly do is add a hard surface to the playground area for disabled individuals.”

Holding a fair in the middle of a pandemic is tough because things have to be scaled back but families still come to support their community.

Beth Bugni says, “We came out pretty much strictly to bring the kids. There’s not a lot of events going on right now, so when one pops up we were able to bring them to. We took advantage of it.”

So many fairs are being canceled because of the pandemic, so the town of Pittsfield is socially-distancing themselves from other vendors to help out one of their own.

Deneys says, “Eric Woller is the vendor here today. He is a Pittsfield resident and he’s suffering because all the fairs are canceled. We’re giving one of our residents a chance to make a little money today.”

Eric Woller says, “A lot of events, festival fairs, outdoor events, and concerts have been postponed for the season.”

Pittsfield is investing in Eric and now Eric plans to give back to his town.

Woller says, “we’re going to donate some of our sales back to the park; to help fund and maintain the park. My wife and my family live just a few miles from here. I’ve got small children in the Pulaski school district. So it’s a great addition to the community. My family, my kids are going to get a ton of use out of the park. So we’re happy to give back.”

If you are interested in donating send a message to the town of Pittsfield’s Facebook page attention: Keith Deneys.