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Plan to Lower the Pollution in Lake Winnebago, Rivers

Fixing the algae problem for good.

OSHKOSH, Wis. - If you notice a little more algae in the water around your home, you are not imagining things.
The Department of Natural Resources is ready to present a plan to improve the water quality in northeast Wisconsin.

And to do this, it is looking at how many pollutants those bodies of water can handle.
Too many, and they become impaired.

That would mean no fishing and no swimming.

The dnr is pointing at phosphorous, which breeds algae, and runoff.
Every time it rains, soil moves into our rivers and lakes, and further dirties our water.

Solutions target businesses discharging into the water supply, urban storm water systems, and the agricultural community.

The DNR will reveal a plan--years in the making--at 1pm in the UW extension building in Oshkosh.

"Just recreational fishing on these bodies of water here produces $233 million of economic activity every year," said Ed Culhane, a DNR spokesperson.

And the next step comes in September with a public hearing at the same place. Then the plan would go to the EPA for approval.

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