OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – A local coffee shop in Oshkosh offers a generous system that looks after anyone who may be in need.

Planet Perk has what they call a ‘Pay it Forward board’, where customers can pay for a meal or drink, then leave a ticket behind that someone in need can use for free, no questions asked.

This generosity goes a long way to help out the homeless community, especially during the colder months. Local 5 recently caught up with Planet Perk to see if the necessity for the board has changed at all during the warmer months.

“The need has gone down a little bit but not by much, usually when the cards are put up, they are taken pretty quick,” said Planet Perk’s Assistant Manager, River Rolfes. “We have people that will consistently come in and purchase cards because they would like someone to do the same for them.”

The coffeehouse does more than just tickets with free food items, they also collect other supplies and necessities that will be given to any person who may need them.

Just because the temperatures are getting warmer does not mean people don’t need help.

If you want to either donate items or pay for a meal, you can find Planet Perky’s locations here.