GREEN BAY, WIS. (WFRV) – Reduce, reuse, recycle: that is the city of Green Bay’s mantra.

Park planner Kaurie Mihm says for every 500 pounds of plastic donated, the city will receive a bench made from eco-friendly material.

“Our Nextrex recycling program was implemented a couple of years ago, and it was meant to help reduce the amount of plastic film that was being thrown away so that we could recycle it into products that become useful,” said Mihm. 

The city has acquired 4 benches from the program, and Mihm says recycling helps create a cleaner environment. 

“This helps to alleviate not only material going into the landfill, but it also helps to kind of streamline the recycling process,” stated Mihm.

Those interested in donating plastic can do so at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and Green Bay’s City Hall.