GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Since the coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year, many of us have been cooped up at home. If you’re ready to get out and play, WFRV Local 5 photojournalist Nathan Fischer found just the place.

“This is our second location, first location is in Appleton. Green Bay is almost twice as big, so we’re really excited about that,” says Player 2 Arcade Bar co-owner, Marissa Joyce. “We have 60 games, which is different than Appleton. We had people saying, ‘Oh I wish you were up in Green Bay’ or ‘You should come to Green Bay.’ We were actually scoping out Green Bay after we heard that quite a bit and drove around and we actually had put an eye on the spot.”

“Before you have to go to like AppletonFor something like this and now having something like this and Green Bay is fantastic and a dream come true,” Tom Zwicker tells WFRV Local 5. “Being someone in their mid to late 20s, the nostalgia here is great, and, having been here already, the demographic is for everybody.”

“I love it when you see people here just having fun, doing something, you know, you realize they might’ve stopped doing a while ago,” Matt McCarty, a regular at Player 2, says. “Even if you don’t like games and stuff like that, it’s still a great place to come. They have great food and lots of different beer selections and stuff like that, and, who knows, maybe if you tried it you might like playing some of the stuff.”

“We have a bunch of old arcade games – like old arcade games. We also have some newer stuff on the TV downstairs,” says Jadzia Vogel, a bartender at Player 2. “Everybody has been super excited about it super ecstatic. We already had people from Appleton come just to check this place out and they’re like ‘oh, it’s way bigger’ and ‘we had to check it out.’ I had so many people tell me like ‘wow, we don’t have something like this in Green Bay.’ So they were super excited about it.”

For more details on Player 2, visit their website.

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