GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — Imagine getting a new home in a matter of hours. Not only is it possible, it’s happening right here in northeast Wisconsin.

“It’s a dream come true since I moved here,” said Mary Chapman. It’s moving day for her, but she’s not going very far. In fact, she’ll just be a doorway away from her daughter at the Green Bay home they share.

“Originally my daughter and I were going to buy a duplex,” Chapman said. “We thought that would be a good living arrangement.”

After looking at dozens of homes, many that needed a lot of work, they heard about the pod-concept from a friend.

“People call them all sorts of things, but it’s really just an addition,” said Greg Cops, the project manager for Linked Living Homes.

Those additions come in all shapes and sizes, and can be fully customized. The pods weigh roughly 6,000 pounds each. They are made off-site in a warehouse in the Fox Valley, assembled and built there, and then transported to the job site.

Cops says it gives people a sense of independence while still being able to be close to other family members.

“A daughter and her husband that might be taking in a mother, their father, or even a brother or sister with special needs. We just want to take the problem out of housing,” said Cops.

In fact, it’s part of the company’s mission.

“It’s really cool to be able to bring families together,” added Cops. “We’re a family business, so family is extremely important to me.”

For Chapman, she gets a new home for her, and her dog Petey, while still being close to her daughter.

“It’s a really great answer in terms of growing old because I can have healthcare in here if I need to down the road,” said Chapman.

The housing allows families to build a stronger family bond one pod at a time.

The building process takes a few months, and Cops says it takes around a day to do a full install of the pods at a site.

The pods also have the ability to be moved, which can be helpful for families who might sell their home, or want to keep family members in an environment they are already familiar with at another location.

Price varies greatly depending on the concept, and how many pods you choose, and what’s in them. You can see the fully-finished product and check out designs on the Linked Living Homes website here.